As already announced, there will be a nationwide CSD newspaper this year - the Queerstimme des Deutschland e.V..

What is it about?

The Queer Voice will be designed like a newspaper. The content will include the central demands of CSD Germany, articles on the amendment of the Basic Law and contributions from LGBTIQ* organisations. There will also be an overview of the Pride Dates 2021 give. Contributions and content are digitally supported by so-called Crosspostings.

What are the printing details?
  • Circulation at least 100,000 pieces
  • planned are 16 pages
  • Distribution takes place via all CSD organizations
  • Displayed in all Aids-shelters and many other community shelters.
What does this mean for us as CSD?

We are happy if you distribute the Queerstimme at your place, put it out and especially at places, which are non-scene-places. We are happy about the mediation of potential advertising partners. (You can find the media data here)

We are happy to arrange content articles, please contact us for this purpose at. Attention: advertising and editorial deadline is April 19, 2021

Shipping, when do you have them on site?

The mailing will take place in the 19th week, so that everyone will receive a mailing with the queer voices before the IDAHOBIT on May 17, 2021.

Each organization will receive a small quantity of 100 copies for the time being. We ask for notification for hearing quantities of the initial delivery. A subsequent delivery is possible at any time upon request.

Your address has changed or you don't want to receive Queerstimme? Then please also contact

Thank you and here's to a successful 2021 campaign!
Your team from CSD Germany