Your LSBTIQ* network -
Your CSD Germany e.V.

The CSD Deutschland e.V., founded in 2003, sees itself as the umbrella organisation of all German Christopher Street Day - organising associations, initiatives and projects, whose members form a Germany-wide network in which anti-discrimination work for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgender, intersexuals and queers (LSBTIQ*) is the top priority. There are now over 80 CSD events annually in Germany.

You can find the current dates in our calendar of events.

Some CSDs already have decades of tradition, others have just been established. We are the platform for exchanging knowledge and experience, for developing common demands and formulating goals. The purpose of CSD Germany e.V. is to promote all CSDs on a Germany-wide level and to strengthen and support the individual member organisations. Such as the support and assistance to self-help of CSD organisations in their efforts to plan appropriate events. Or the networking of different CSD organisations, the sharing and exchange of information and skills between members. To the fields of activity of our seven-member volunteer board include the implementation of actions and activities (e.g. PR campaigns) to reduce public prejudice and discrimination against LSBTIQ*, to promote sexual orientation and gender identities, to combat the exclusion of people with HIV/AIDS and to take measures to support people with HIV/AIDS (especially LSBTIQ* people)

The promotion and strengthening of LSBTIQ* self-confidence and the promotion of CSD organisations on a pan-European level (e.g. by participating in or supporting CSD events in other countries, through PR campaigns, etc.) are also part of this.

We are advised by a professional advisory board on the topics of queer refugees, sport, trans- and intersexuality.

On the following pages you will find further information about CSD Germany e.V.