At this point you will find our common demands.

Already achieved.
Not yet achieved.
  • Addition of the characteristic sexual orientation to § 3 GG
  • Opening up marriage to same-sex partnerships or, on a transitional basis, full equality of same-sex partnerships with marriage
  • Volles Recht auf Zugang zum Adoptionsverfahren
  • Rehabilitation after 1945 according to §175 STGb (as well as GDR counterpart) convicted person
  • Ending discrimination in blood and organ donation
  • Implementation of federal action plans / education plans and dealing with concerned parents (whereby AK is more concerned with federal issues in detail)
  • Improvement of the transsexual law and the interests of intersexual people
  • Social respect and diversity
  • Social participation of HIV-positive people and securing the work of the AIDS charities
  • Strengthening lesbian interests
  • Combating discrimination within the community
  • Participation in senior citizens' councils
  • Composition of Broadcasting Councils
  • Participation in all relevant social bodies